3 Ghosts Coast to Coast

First thing’s first: http://www.telecharge.com/BehindTheCurtain.aspx?prodid=8672

You know what to do.

(Although just in case you’re unsure; you should click that link and purchase your tickets to 3 Ghosts.)

Next! We have an exciting bit of news regarding 3 Ghosts’ west coast premiere.

Ooh. West Coast…

The show is going to be performed by the El Segundo High School in California starting December 9th. That means that the completed version of 3 Ghosts will be simultaneously having its off-Broadway, west coast, and high school debut. Seriously exciting stuff!

Annnnnnd since you’re still here reading this may I suggest you also head over to the fan photo page and prepare to fill your daily cute quota. Not for the faint of heart – it’s that cardiac-arrestingly adorable.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving – we’ll see you soon!


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