Spaghetti and Singing – Cabaret This Friday

Got plans this Friday?



We’ve got live singing, a fun atmosphere, previews of upcoming projects, and um yeah hi SPAGHETTI!

Dinner is served at 7pm and dessert will follow the performance as well as mingling with the cast.

Feb 8th, doors open at 7pm for dinner, show at 8pm

$15 for BWC members
$10 for kids under 12
And kids under 5 years old are FREE

If you plan on coming email us at That way we still have spaghetti for you.


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One response to “Spaghetti and Singing – Cabaret This Friday

  1. David Alan

    recall reading an issue of Readers Digest and on one page there were about forty words listed and the challenge was to circle the ones that were mispelled! SpaghettiI was one of those words! I spent about a half hour studying the words and circled about 10. I then turned to the page the challenge instructed me to go for the answer … When I got to the the page my first reaction was that they had put the wrong direction to the wrong page …… then I saw IT! ….. way on the bottom in small print ….. “All the Words are spelled correctly” ….. what more needs to be said:-)))(

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