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Preparing for Launch

For the past two weeks, PiPE DREAM theatre has been hard at work rehearsing their newest original musical; Columbia: the life and death of Rospo D. Oro.  Don’t worry though, we’ve seen and read A Christmas Carol enough (we even wrote our own musical based on it: 3 Ghosts) to know we had to give our cast a break for Christmas.

Rehearsals have been great, with a lot of high energy, sore muscles…

…and a fair amount of silliness.


(For more rehearsal pictures head over to our Facebook Page – might as well “like” us while you’re there.)

And remember, tickets to see this amazing new show are a great last minute Christmas gift.  Just head over to Telecharge and instantly buy 1, 2, 20 tickets!  They also make wonderful New Years gifts… or good Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day, or Festival of Sleep Day, or Fruitcake Toss Day presents (yes those are all real – if you don’t believe me then be sure to celebrate International Skeptics Day on January 13th).


Shows run from January 9th – 25th, but get your tickets early so you can come see it twice.  You’re gonna want to.


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