Wayfarers All – The Characters of Columbia

Yesterday we moved into Theatre Row! Over the next few days, we’ll be setting up lights, sound, loading in all the props and costumes, and acclimating our cast to the new location.


In the meantime, let’s get to know a little bit more about the show.

Columbia: the life and death of Rospo D. Oro is a heartwarming musical filled with whimsical, outrageous characters. Today, we’re going to take a peek at some of the characters you’ll meet along the way. And remember, Columbia is based on Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows; many of the characters in the show are taken from the book (but hidden behind different names… well, except Ratty).  When you come to the show, see who you can match up between the musical and the novel. And truthfully, you’ll probably want to come see it twice to do that (crafty, aren’t I). Grab your tickets HERE. For extra-extra credit, try to decode why they were given those particular names!

RospoRospo D. Oro (played by Alex Parrish) is an eccentric inventor and vehicle enthusiast. Although extremely lovable, Rospo has a dark past that tortures him. He sees things in his mind that may or may not be there, and these inner demons push him to go further and faster in his contraption he named “Columbia” – with little regard to anyone’s safety. It’s because of this, he is constantly at odds with the vocal inhabitants as well as some of his friends.

NettyNetty (played by Liz Muller) is what’s referred to as a Caver; she has lived her whole life in her underground home in The Under Harbor. She’s never seen the sun, a tree, a river – and now she’s finally decided to come above ground and see what there is to see, and write a book about it in the process. She’s an innocent soul who is amazed by the new world around her.

RattyRatty (played by Adam du Plessis) or, Radcliffe properly, is a Riverbanker who lives on his ship, Endeavour, along the Grand Culvert; the main river that splits The Wild Woods in two. Ratty is a simple, gentle man who loves his boat and his life, and though he does dream of sailing to The Great Deep, he has little time for dreams and fantasy.

JewelsJewels (played by Amanda Teneriello) is Rospo’s right hand gal. She is his mechanic and friend – and although he doesn’t seem to return her feelings, she is in love with him. Rospo found Jewels on the side of the river in a cradle, seemingly abandoned by a Seafarer. He has looked after her every since.

AricAric (played by Anthony Malchar) is a mysterious character that lives underground in Raven’s Hollow. He isn’t a born Caver however – though little is known why he stopped and claimed stake to an abandoned, sunken building from a civilization long gone. Aric watches Rospo from a distance, but has such contempt for society, that he remains hidden as much as possible. Aric enjoys long walks on the beach and – …just wanted to see if you were still reading.

The interesting thing is; these are the normal characters! You’ll have to come see the show if you want to learn about the child-like god; Pan, or the iron fist-ed Chairman, or the sadistic Doctor Fish, or any of the many others.

Rospo D. Oro – Alex Parrish
Netty – Liz Muller
Ratty – Adam du Plessis
Jewels – Amanda Teneriello
Aric – Anthony Malchar
Mother – Melinda Ehrlich
Pan – Megan Rose Margiotti
Constable John Burgmann – Kevin Hurley
Faustina – Ashlee Smith
The Chairman of the Bench of Magistrates – Laurrice Monnae
Margaret Kipper – Cait Murphy
Lady Atrous Bathory – Kim Ceccotti
Doctor Fish – Michael T. Kopplin
The Obscure – Aileen Lanni, Jillian Moran
The People of Cradle Island – Aileen Lanni, Anthony Massa, Jillian Moran, Kelsey Sullivan
Stenographer – Jacqueline Bilotto, Nicole Finnegan, Jacqueline Ledesma

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