Fan Photos

Send us your pictures from PiPE DREAM events and we’ll post them here!

Email: leahcornish[at]pipedreamtheatre[dot]com

Here’s our first fan photo! This is from Sunday’s performance of Twelfth Night in the Art Deco/Ikea social room of 1 Alexander Place in Yonkers. PiPE DREAM is nothing if not creative 🙂



Next up: PiPE DREAM is taking over the world one large American city at a time! Here’s PD fan Michele Goldman sporting her pride in Chicago. Have you taken your PiPE DREAM merch to fun places? We wanna see!


Here’s one of our youngest PiPE DREAM enthusiasts.  Has there ever been a more adorable combination of child and water bottle in the history of the world? Probably not.  Have a cousin or sibling you’d like to exploit by decking them in our merch?  PLEASE do so. And then email us the pictures 🙂


Here’s further proof that PiPE DREAM theatre should take over the world. I mean, how good do we look in front of the London Eye and Parliament? Pretty DAMN good, I say! Thanks to PiPE DREAMer Kim who walked the mean streets of London advertising for PDt. (Best part? It didn’t cost us a penny!) Next time we wanna walk across Abbey Road! Who wants to make that happen for us? Show of hands, please.


YEAH GLACIERS! Check out our fearless leader Liz rocking the PDt shirt in Alaska!

Liz was on a cruise for the premiere of Wine Lovers the musical on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Check out an article on that here: #totally awesome

Pointing out what’s important – that’s how we roll.

2 responses to “Fan Photos

  1. reasons why i love PiPEDREAM. #jcasino #kevinlovesmash

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