Have ideas for new merch?  Want a personalized product?  Maybe you just want a different style or color with an existing graphic.  Post your request here and we’ll let you know if/when we make it!

At this time we are mainly going through for our products.  Check out their page to see what kind of things we can make.  If you have a suggestion about somewhere else for us to get merch made, let us know!  Keep in mind, monthly fees are bad.  Our personal printfection page is HERE.

At this time, we only make $2 per item no matter what the cost to you, so keep in mind, the higher priced items do not benefit us any more than the cheaper ones.  The most important thing is to get everyone out there in PiPE DREAM garb, drinking out of PiPE DREAM mugs, and yes, BBQ-ing  in PiPE DREAM aprons.

One response to “Merch

  1. This site is super awesome! I ordered a Twelfth Night tank top and the graphic wasn’t center on the shirt, but then they sent me another one after a phone call. Make sure your graphics look how they’re suppose to because the company guarantees it and face it, the graphic is why you’re buying it anyway 😉

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