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We Still Have One More Show to Sing

It seems impossible to comprehend, that after all this time, 3 Ghosts could be coming to a close this evening.

I figured it would be prudent to put up a reaction to the show’s run before the final performance, because if I waited until after the show tonight, I swear you’d be able to see my tear stained text on your computers.  It’s going to be that bad.

Which is probably the most amazing thing about 3 Ghosts.  This cast has become incredibly intertwined.  It’s a fact that can be seen in the dressing rooms as everyone chats with each other, backstage as everyone lip-syncs along with the show, and on stage as every member of this 40-person cast beams with pride as they sing.  Regardless of what some people may have thought, our bright smiles and laughter was never forced or meant to be cheesy.  We all honestly have a phenomenal time on and off stage with one another.  I don’t know one cast member who does not openly adore this show.

Luckily for us, our audience seemed to love it as well.  In our 17 show run, we managed to sell 87% of house, and not only to family members and friends (although without them we wouldn’t have been able to perform the show at all.) We had many people who came in off the street, knowing nothing about us; we even had a few reviewers.  And luckily, quite a few of them liked us enough to say nice things.

A special shoutout has to go to Robert Gonyo of the Go See a Show Podcast who came in to see the show, and after interviewed half the cast on stage.  Plus he totally mentioned this blog at the end of his podcast (to which I thought: QUICK! MUST UPDATE!) You can listen to the interview at his website here:  http://goseeashowpodcast.com/2011/12/16/the-cast-creators-of-3-ghosts-from-pipe-dream-theatre/ (or subscribe to him on  iTunes!)

This has been an incredible 3 weeks (and 5 months if you want to include the rehearsal process).  To say goodbye is going to be hard, but we’ll be able to do it.  I mean if a bunch of crazy kids can get on a stage and somehow perform this show, surely this is doable.

So a Merry Christmas to you!


(Uh oh… The tears… they are starting.)


ADDENDUM! I’ll make sure to put up some production, and backstage shots in the coming weeks.  We also have the CD finished and it has been for sale at the show.  If you didn’t manage to snag a ticket before the end, or didn’t notice that they were being sold, we’ll see about getting it up digitally for purchase.


Oh and I almost forgot… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Simply because you haven’t heard it enough: 3 Ghosts is opening in just over a week (cue nausea and profuse sweating) and we are begging reminding you to get your tickets soon! Take a peek at our shiny new poster, and then keep scrolling for all relevant tickety information.


Tickets are super easy to obtain from Telecharge.  You can do that by going to this link here: http://www.telecharge.com/BehindTheCurtain.aspx?prodid=8672

Or if the interwebs makes you feel confused in the brain, you can call Telecharge on your fellytone!  212-239-6200 or 800-432-7250 will get you to an automated menu, which will eventually get you to a lovely customer-service human, who will then set you up with 3 Ghosts tickets in exhange for your credit card number and sufficient funds.

Sufficient funds, you say? How sufficient are we talking here?

Well thank you for asking! They are in fact so affordable, that you could probably get your tickets with what one would normally consider insufficient funds!

In all seriousness, it is nigh impossible to see a show of this caliber anywhere in the vicinity of midtown Manhattan for less than $65. And yet, ours is less than $30. It’s like a Black Friday sale, every day of the week, through Christmas! And, as Black Friday is one of the most important American holidays, you should probably take advantage of that. In bulk.

PLEASE let all of your friends (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here) know about our show.  Even if they live far away, or if their funds are even more insufficient than our ticket price, make sure they know about it.  You never know who they might then pass the information on to.  They tell two people, who tell two different people, who each tell two more… it’s just like that Haley Joel Osment movie, Secondhand Lions! (I think… I never saw it. But it’s got Michael Caine in it so it’s gotta be worth something)

Get to it!


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3 Ghosts Coast to Coast

First thing’s first: http://www.telecharge.com/BehindTheCurtain.aspx?prodid=8672

You know what to do.

(Although just in case you’re unsure; you should click that link and purchase your tickets to 3 Ghosts.)

Next! We have an exciting bit of news regarding 3 Ghosts’ west coast premiere.

Ooh. West Coast…

The show is going to be performed by the El Segundo High School in California starting December 9th. That means that the completed version of 3 Ghosts will be simultaneously having its off-Broadway, west coast, and high school debut. Seriously exciting stuff!

Annnnnnd since you’re still here reading this may I suggest you also head over to the fan photo page and prepare to fill your daily cute quota. Not for the faint of heart – it’s that cardiac-arrestingly adorable.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving – we’ll see you soon!

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New Videos Posted and a 3 Ghosts Update

We’re getting down to the thick of it guys!  There is only one show left for us this year and it’s the big’un. 3 Ghosts is just around the corner.

In related news: BUY YO TICKETS NOW! Please. Oh look. Here’s a handy dandy link for you click on: http://www.telecharge.com/BehindTheCurtain.aspx?prodid=8672

On to the videos!

First up is the entirety of The Tell Tale Heart from Masque of the Red Death.  This might have been my favourite of the stories in the musical but shh that’s a secret. That’s Kevin Hurley taking lead on that, folks, and it’s pretty awesome.

Next we have a compilation of our 2010-2011 season so far. We have scenes from Greater Tuna, Macbeth, A Musical, Twelfth Night, Masque of the Red Death, and Sleepy Hollow (as well as a few extra bits).  All edited up for you in bite sized form by the crazy talented Collin Simon.  Seriously dude, is there anything you can’t do?

It’s a little insane to think about just how much we’ve already done in a year.  PiPE DREAM would like to thank all of our fans, friends, and followers who have helped us have such a great time.  None of this would be possible without you guys.

That said, make sure that in addition to watching the videos here, you head over to youtube and watch, like, favorite and comment on them (it really does help), AND subscribe to our channel. Look a wild link has appeared in your path! http://www.youtube.com/user/PiPEDREAMtheatre#p/u

You never know if you’ve missed a different video that we posted in the past (particularly if I neglected to draw your attention to it [insert rage face here])

Thanks again guys, and keep an eye out for more 3 Ghosts news to come.

Have I mentioned tickets are available to buy? https://www.telecharge.com/onlineBoxOffice/show.aspx?prodID=8672

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Twelfth Night: a Breakdown

Wow this post is a long time coming. Sorry about the delay, but you know things happen. Well… Four things. Well… Four things and a lizard. (name that reference!) Here begins the post that I meant to put up two weeks ago:

PiPE DREAM theatre’s production of Twelfth Night has come and gone – and it seems strange that after two plus months of preparation that it can already be over. In loving memory of the show that was gone too soon (unless you hate Shakespeare that is, in which case it couldn’t go soon enough (but how on god’s green Earth could you hate Shakespeare? He’s the English language’s largest proprietor of the dirty joke (cause in non-English languages I think Aristophanes has him beat (obligatory fourth parenthetical phrase goes last)))) here’s a breakdown of the show.

We only had a handful of full cast rehearsals, trusting to our Players to fall truly madly deeply in love with the script and to have it all memorized in a matter of minutes… I may be exaggerating. In any case, it was an interesting experiment to put on a show with so little and some unorthodox prep time. One of the best nights was easily when cast gathered for one last speed-through of the script before the show. Out of the 13 people in the cast, 7 gathered in person at our stage manager’s house; the other 6 were represented by cell phones. Seriously, six cell phones lay in a circle in the middle of a table, surrounded by chips and dip, and were picked up and placed back down depending on what scene we were in. For the finale, they simply existed as a line of phones on the arm of a couch while our Feste and Olivia looked down upon them, attempting to guess which speaker they should yell iambic pentameter into next.

PD premiered Twelfth Night in Yonkers in a private performance at 1 Alexander Place. Someone must have sacrificed something lame to the rain gods that day because instead of performing the show outside in their lovely courtyard, we ended up in the much smaller art-deco social room. It was certainly one of the oddest places we’ve ever played, however the show itself was still quite a bit of fun. Residents came (and most of them stayed) to watch us speak in what is basically a foreign language. The actors all had just as much fun. The fact that the show was able to transmute and work in such a space proves that it doesn’t necessarily take a fancy set or expensive lights to communicate a show – just the right group of people.

The main event however was at The Bronxville Women’s Club – a place that PiPE DREAM is no stranger to: DREAMS, Sleepy Hollow, and 3GD have all premiered there (more premieres to come!) Twelfth Night was the first to be performed not on their stage, but in their garden. Over 80 friends and patrons came to see the show, and it was an unmitigated success. We were able to raise over $300 for the BWC and managed to scrape a bit of change for ourselves as well – we sold refreshments (wine! water! donuts!), t-shirts, CDs, jewelry, shot glasses, keychains, and even a 50/50 raffle. In addition we also had a free raffle for two tickets to our 3rd Annual PiPE DREAM gala (which will debut our performance of Masque of the Red Death and will once again be at the BWC!)

With nothing but Christmas lights, a table, and a couple of chairs, Twelfth Night was brought to life in front of a real audience. We even had a write up about it in the Bronxville Patch online (see previous post.)

This has become long winded so is going to end. Right now.

OK minor lies; one last thing. You can view photos from the show and listen to the score by going to our shiny new PiPE DREAM website (oooh shiny). Twelfth Night’s page is here: http://pipedreamtheatre.com/TwelfthNight.html

Next up: a recap of the 3 Ghosts readthrough! See you then, DREAMers!

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