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Simply because you haven’t heard it enough: 3 Ghosts is opening in just over a week (cue nausea and profuse sweating) and we are begging reminding you to get your tickets soon! Take a peek at our shiny new poster, and then keep scrolling for all relevant tickety information.


Tickets are super easy to obtain from Telecharge.  You can do that by going to this link here: http://www.telecharge.com/BehindTheCurtain.aspx?prodid=8672

Or if the interwebs makes you feel confused in the brain, you can call Telecharge on your fellytone!  212-239-6200 or 800-432-7250 will get you to an automated menu, which will eventually get you to a lovely customer-service human, who will then set you up with 3 Ghosts tickets in exhange for your credit card number and sufficient funds.

Sufficient funds, you say? How sufficient are we talking here?

Well thank you for asking! They are in fact so affordable, that you could probably get your tickets with what one would normally consider insufficient funds!

In all seriousness, it is nigh impossible to see a show of this caliber anywhere in the vicinity of midtown Manhattan for less than $65. And yet, ours is less than $30. It’s like a Black Friday sale, every day of the week, through Christmas! And, as Black Friday is one of the most important American holidays, you should probably take advantage of that. In bulk.

PLEASE let all of your friends (I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here) know about our show.  Even if they live far away, or if their funds are even more insufficient than our ticket price, make sure they know about it.  You never know who they might then pass the information on to.  They tell two people, who tell two different people, who each tell two more… it’s just like that Haley Joel Osment movie, Secondhand Lions! (I think… I never saw it. But it’s got Michael Caine in it so it’s gotta be worth something)

Get to it!


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