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We Still Have One More Show to Sing

It seems impossible to comprehend, that after all this time, 3 Ghosts could be coming to a close this evening.

I figured it would be prudent to put up a reaction to the show’s run before the final performance, because if I waited until after the show tonight, I swear you’d be able to see my tear stained text on your computers.  It’s going to be that bad.

Which is probably the most amazing thing about 3 Ghosts.  This cast has become incredibly intertwined.  It’s a fact that can be seen in the dressing rooms as everyone chats with each other, backstage as everyone lip-syncs along with the show, and on stage as every member of this 40-person cast beams with pride as they sing.  Regardless of what some people may have thought, our bright smiles and laughter was never forced or meant to be cheesy.  We all honestly have a phenomenal time on and off stage with one another.  I don’t know one cast member who does not openly adore this show.

Luckily for us, our audience seemed to love it as well.  In our 17 show run, we managed to sell 87% of house, and not only to family members and friends (although without them we wouldn’t have been able to perform the show at all.) We had many people who came in off the street, knowing nothing about us; we even had a few reviewers.  And luckily, quite a few of them liked us enough to say nice things.

A special shoutout has to go to Robert Gonyo of the Go See a Show Podcast who came in to see the show, and after interviewed half the cast on stage.  Plus he totally mentioned this blog at the end of his podcast (to which I thought: QUICK! MUST UPDATE!) You can listen to the interview at his website here:  http://goseeashowpodcast.com/2011/12/16/the-cast-creators-of-3-ghosts-from-pipe-dream-theatre/ (or subscribe to him on  iTunes!)

This has been an incredible 3 weeks (and 5 months if you want to include the rehearsal process).  To say goodbye is going to be hard, but we’ll be able to do it.  I mean if a bunch of crazy kids can get on a stage and somehow perform this show, surely this is doable.

So a Merry Christmas to you!


(Uh oh… The tears… they are starting.)


ADDENDUM! I’ll make sure to put up some production, and backstage shots in the coming weeks.  We also have the CD finished and it has been for sale at the show.  If you didn’t manage to snag a ticket before the end, or didn’t notice that they were being sold, we’ll see about getting it up digitally for purchase.


Oh and I almost forgot… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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