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Well…here we are then.

Welcome one and all to PiPE DREAM theatre’s official blog!  This will be your source for PiPE DREAM news, updates, whimsic musings, and whatever else it is one is supposed to do on a blog- HOORAY! This inaugural post will come to you in three parts.

Part one: a quick tour!

You’ll notice a few tabs along the top of the page.  Home is where you are now; this is where the news, whimsic musings, etc that I mentioned before will be.  It’ll update a few times a week so keep it bookmarked. That’s an ORDER! #kidding About Us is our mission statement.  It’s super schmancy and sums us up quite eloquently so check it out.  Fan Photos is where we’ll have all you DREAMers send in pictures you may have of different PiPE DREAM shows or events.  We’ll choose the best ones and post them on that page. Merch is made of SO MUCH awesome.  It details all the merchandise we have available for sale. Links is where we’ll list different sites that we have around the good ol interwebs that you may be interested in. ALL of these pages will be updated as time goes on so keep a sharp eye out.

Part two: be our friend. #puppydogeyes

PiPE DREAM theatre wants to make sure that our friends, followers, and future fans (god, I love alliteration) can get information in the way that’s most convenient for them.  In that vein, we are on Twitter and Facebook (you can like and follow us in the right-hand sidebar.)  We are slowly adding to our YouTube channel, so subscribe to that to be sure to catch every video as soon as it’s uploaded. In addition to those permanent fixtures, we will also be running a Formspring page as we get closer to our winter musical where you can get answers to any and all questions as quickly as possible.  When that page is ready for business we will let you know (via some other form of social media).

Part three: Twelfth Night!

PiPE DREAM theatre is putting on its first drama of the season! Aren’t you excited? We’ll be performing for one night only at the gorgeous Bronxville Women’s Club – check out their site for show details and address info.  We’ll be performing at 7pm on Saturday, August 20th under the stars.  Which is really the only way for one to experience Shakespeare – well other than the Globe – or a Kenneth Branagh flick… Well it’s a pretty phenomenal way to experience Shakespeare regardless.  Our cast has been working hard to bring this hilarious comedy of mistaken identity to life, and we hope you can join us in Bronxville for a night of laughter. RSVP to  the Facebook event here.

Well we hope to see you on the 20th in Bronxville, and everyday here at PiPE DREAM theatre’s official blog.

Feel free to comment.  Comments are good.

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