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Midsummer Recap

Heeyyyy youuuu guuuyyyysss!

So I peaced out for vacation right after Midsummer ended and have been playing catch up with life since getting back , so apologies for this blog being late (but you’re used to that by now, yeah?)

Anywho just wanted to say THANKSEVERSOMUCH to all who came out to see our little show. We had such a fun time putting it on, and were honestly sad when it ended. Also we only got rained out once which is a lot luckier than we normally are so kudos to Mother Nature on that one.

We don’t have action shots yet (still working on those to make them all prettified) but we do have our cast shots that we took after our Saturday night show. And those are all shmancy to look at below #slideshowFTW

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look out for more new and awesome things ahead. Seriously, look out. I don’t want anyone injured by the train of new and awesome about to plow its way through here.

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Massive Info-Dump of Awesomeness!

So as the title so eloquently informs you this post is going to be a LONG one (because some of us are bad at timeĀ management.) Make sure to keep on scrolling!


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Steamprom! We had a BLAST and I’m sure you did too. I don’t mean to put words in your mouth, but you know it’s the truth. I mean look at these pictures!



New fan photo! One of our fearless leaders took her PiPE DREAM shirt on a cruise (it fit better in her suitcase than I did. I obviously lost that attempt at a sneaky vacation.) Head over to the Fan Photo page to see the awesome.



Yes, it is upon us. A Midsummer Night’s Dream premieres next Thursday at Bronxville. And I gotta be honest – it’s funny. Like actually funny. I don’t mean it’s a Shakespearean comedy and we should all do well to have a chuckle over the syntax funny. It has actual laugh out loud moments that will have you in stitches. Or busting out of stitches if you already have stitches to begin with. You know what? If you have stitches I would suggest skipping out on this one.

Also if you notice the details on the poster, tickets are only a suggested $5 donation so there’s that. You can’t even park at the beach for $5! We’ll be performing in the garden (if it rains the show is still on, just moved inside) and you are welcome to bring any food or beverage you like to enjoy during the show! Adult beverages even!

Seriously, unless you are rocking some heavy duty stitches I wouldn’t miss out on this one.

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